What are the costs involved when ordering a printed circuit board?

All new designs of printed circuit boards require a setup fee which is used to cover the costs to make the initial film photo tools, CNC programs, and computer aided manufacturing (CAM) tasks. Setup fees for soldermask or silkscreen also apply once off only. The cost per board is then applicable which is dependant on the quantity ordered. The setup fees are once off fees only.

What files are required to make a pcb?

In order for us to manufacture your PCB we need the gerber file for each layer and a NC drill file.

What are gerber files?

Gerber is a standard which was created by Gerber Scientific for photo plotter machines. A gerber file contains the co-ordinates of lines, circles and polygons and a list of shape sizes called apertures. There are 2 types of gerber files RS274x and RS27D. The RS274X is the better format as this contains embedded apertures and is easy to use. All modern CAD software exports gerber format.

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