Client Area

What is the login form for?

The login form on the home page is used to access the Client Area. Once you are logged in, a new menu on the left will appear which is called the Client Menu, which can be used to access various sources of information.


Who can sign up for a new account to access the Client Area ?

Any existing client or potential client is welcome to sign up for a new account.


How do I sign up for a new account so I can log into the Client Area ?

Simply click on "Create New Account" below the login form and you will be asked for your details. Choose a USER NAME and PASSWORD to access the client area. An email will be sent to your email address with an activation link , once your account is activated by clicking on the link in the email, you can log in to the Client Area.


Why do I want to sign up for for the Client Area ?

The Client Area can be used to track your orders through our production line and also provides support information to various cad packages on how to export gerber files.


How do I view my orders in the Client Area ?

Before viewing your orders in the Client Area, you must activate your orders by selecting "Activate" on the Client Menu and follow simple instructions. There will only be data to view once the orders have been activated on our database and only if there is information to display. Simply click on "Your Orders" to view a list of current and previous orders.

Client Login

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