Immersion Silver

What are the advantages of immersion silver?

Tick Lead Free, RoHS compliant PCB
Tick Flat surface for SMD's with fine pitches
Tick PCB can endure multiple reflow oven cycles
Tick 100% Hot Air Level Compatible (HAL) with solder mask over bare copper (SMOBC)
Tick No thermal shock to FR4 during PCB manufacturing

What is Immersion Silver?

Immersion Silver is one of the newest final finishes developed for the printed circuit board industry and was specifically designed to overcome some of the problems associated with existing final finishes, which makes immersion silver the leader in terms of performance and superiority.
The immersion silver process leaves a thin, highly wettable and solderable 98% sterling silver deposit surface on the pcb which has many advantages to existing final finishes. This silver deposit is co-deposited with anti-tarnish agents which promotes the performance of the finish.

What is the availability of the immersion silver finish?

The immersion silver finish is available to all pcb designs which have solder mask included during the fabrication of the pcb. All existing pcb designs can also easily be processed with this new finish. Immersion silver is the standard finish on all our pcb's.

What is the cost of the immersion silver finish?

Due to the thickness of the deposit of silver on the pcb (100 times thinner than a human hair) the cost factor of the silver metal itself is negligible compared to the total operating cost of the process. There will be no added expense to you the customer to include the immersion silver finish on your pcb. We do recommend applying a solder mask to your pcb with large areas of tracks to reduce tarnish overtime.

How should immersion silver printed circuit boards be stored?

Store boards in a cool, dry place, wrapped in acid free tissue paper or alluminium foil. Brown paper and rubber bands should be avoided as these contain sulphor which can tarnish the silver over a period of time. Storing the boards correctly will maintain the immersion silver coating and provide reliable soldering. The shelf life for immersion silver boards is 12 months, but we recommend soldering within 6 months. The immersion silver layer can be re-applied to unassembled boards after 12 months.

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