Design Guidelines

The following table lists design guidelines which will ensure your design can be easily manufactured within our manufacturing capabilities.

Track-to-Track Clearance 0.20mm (8mil) 0.25mm (10 mil) 0.30mm (12 mil)
Track Width 0.20mm (8 mil) 0.25mm (10 mil) 0.30mm (12 mil)
Minimum feature to board outline 0.25mm (10 mil) 0.30mm (12 mil) 0.30mm (12 mil)
Silkscreen width 0.20mm (8 mil) 0.25mm (10 mil) 0.25mm (10 mil)
Board outline width 0.20mm (8 mil) 0.20mm (8 mil) 0.20mm (8 mil)
Minimum annular ring size 0.20mm (8 mil) 0.25mm (10 mil) 0.25mm (10 mil)
Solder mask expansion 0.15mm (6 mil) 0.15mm (6 mil) 0.15mm (6 mil)
Via hole size 0.5 mm (20mil) 0.6 mm (24mil) 0.7mm (28mil)
Ground plane clearance 0.4 mm (16mil) 0.45 mm (18mil) 0.5mm (20mil)

Design Rules

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